Coronavirus Update

According to the State of Missouri and St. Charles County restrictions on business openings will begin easing on May 4.  With one exception (a couple on their honeymoon) we have not accepted reservations since stay at home orders have been put in place.  We are now accepting limited reservations and have taken additional measures to ensure that our guests have a safe glamping experience.

Our Glamping Sites


Our glamping sites are either secluded by our pond or floating on a private dock on the channel to the River.  Social distancing has always been part of the Glamping St. Louis experience.

Each of our glamping sites are cleaned and disinfected.  All of the hard surfaces are disinfected with a bleach based cleaner.  Other surfaces are disinfected with an EPA registered fungicide, disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner and deodorizer (RMR 141).

Each unit, whether glamping tent, cottage, or Airstream is opened and aired out before your stay.  This provides fresh air through the unit and greatly reduces any disinfectant scent.

Our Beds


Your glampsite’s bed has a mattress pad, a hypoallergenic mattress protector and hypoallergenic pillow protectors.  Before you arrive we wash and disinfect the sheets, quilts, mattress protector, and pillow protectors in hot water with detergent and bleach.

Our BathroomsHN20

We have private bathrooms in our bathroom cabin and Lodge building (not a bath house with multiple bathroom stalls).  Each of our bathrooms are clean and disinfected at least twice daily.  Additionally, disinfectant wipes and solution are available in each bathroom for guest’s use.

Our hot water showers are outdoors and adjacent to the bathroom cabin.  Each is disinfected at least twice daily.  Additionally, disinfectant solution is available in each shower for guest’s use.


Our outdoor kitchen area features both a gas and charcoal grill for our guests to use.  We also have a microwave and gas camp stove.  We recommend that guests bring their own pots and pans; however, we provide disposable (paper and plastic) plates, cups, and eating utensils. All surfaces are disinfected daily with a bleach based cleaner.  Additionally, disinfectant solution is available for guest’s use.